Beautiful Partnerships are worth celebrating

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Naughtone office furniture

By Tracey May, GM Bids and Marketing


From ergonomic seating, storage and desking (including not one but four ranges of sit-stand), to the timeless ‘Herman Miller Collection’, Herman Miller is renowned for its beautiful and functional furniture pieces.


At IOR, we incorporate Herman Miller into our bespoke client workplace designs – using the Living Office research to help create high performing workplaces, with complimentary furniture ranges and individual pieces to support our clients’ culture and brand.


VM Ware office design and office furniture

VM Ware project


Clarks office design and office furniture

Clarks project


Our highest level of partnership with Herman Miller ensures we can offer our clients unique buying power and value. Something we are very proud of.


Now Herman Miller has formed a new partnership.


A partnership with the very contemporary, British furniture company naughtone. A Sunday Times SME Export Track 100 company whose range includes lounge chairs, sofas, stools, coffee tables and high backs. All which fit perfectly and complement Herman Miller’s own product range and supports today’s modern ways of working, as embodied in Herman Miller’s The Living Office.


And good partnerships are worth celebrating. On 9th June, Herman Miller re-opened the doors of their flagship showroom in London, fully refurbished and showcasing a selection of their market-leading chairs and desks and new items from The Herman Miller Collection, as well as an inspiring collection of collaborative seating from naughtone.


It was time to find out about our new Partner-in-Law.


Naughtone’s Chris Hagan took centre stage – shining with pride and enthusiasm as he discussed naughtone’s history and products, and drove home the importance of ‘partnership’.  Naughtone was founded by two partners in Yorkshire in 2004, taking a no-nonsense approach to furniture design – working with designers to create engaging pieces, creating partnerships with clients to deliver bespoke furniture solutions.


When they targeted the US market they realised they would require a very special partner to work with. A partner with unprecedented local US knowledge. A partner that could deliver on a global scale. And with its design heritage, reputation and mid-century design style, “Herman Miller was top of the list” Chris explained. This stronger US presence has helped them to win some huge projects, including Linkedin and Airbnb.


Their strong Yorkshire textile heritage radiates through the craftsmanship and ‘eye for detail’ used in each quality piece they create – an artisan approach using hand-cut fabrics, Yorkshire steel and solid timber. These are beautiful products, built with quality in mind - but also the environment and created to LEED and Ska rating standards


Naughtone’s products work in harmony with Herman Miller’s Living Office to support today’s new ways of working. Our workplaces are no longer just partitioned space, filled only with rows on rows of desks but can now be designed where people are able to seek out different types of workspaces or ‘settings’, appropriate to their tasks. And naughtone products are fantastic for this, creating spaces to ‘create’, ‘contemplate’ and ‘converse’ to name a few.  Chris also highlighted how for some clients, these modern ways of working are very different to what they are used to and know. So naughtone wanted to create furniture that was intuitive and easy to use, with ‘families’ of practical products in numerous finishes (70 standard fabrics alone) to suit all client requirements.


Products include the ‘rhyme’ modular seating system that can be used as an ‘island’ or to create ad-hoc zones, ‘hush’ with its mix of high back chairs, sofas and low back lounge chairs, ‘polly’ ergonomic chairs and barstools, ‘construct’ made from solid oak and folded steel base, plus numerous stylish tables, made from materials such as steel, glass and solid oak. 


Naughtone office furniture products

naughtone products


Herman Miller and naughtone – beautiful furniture pieces that work in synergy with each other to support today’s workplace - as designed by IOR.


These are beautiful partnerships.


Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a showroom visit.

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