CDW 2018

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CDW 2018

By Caitlin Goble, Design Team and Paloma Duncan, Marketing 


In the office we discussed what was happening at CDW and which events we were interested in going to. We wanted to spread ourselves out over the three days of CDW, grouping together on the days we were particularly interested on visiting.

As a design team, we split ourselves over Wednesday and Thursday to visit different product launches, workshops and events, ensuring that we covered as much of the week as possible.



Chris and Hila, two members of our furniture team, focused on visiting some of our approved partners, including Naughtone, Boss Design and Koleksiyon , exploring their new products and finishes. Of particular interest were:



CDW Koleksiyon:Boccaporto chair

Koleksiyon: Boccaporto


Connection 1 Furniture

Connection: Platforms


It’s always great to see new products and furniture designs and key that we keep up-to-date with current trends, ensuring our schemes make use of new products that appeal to our clients.



Design Team members Kieran, Joanna, Alessia and Stuart attended CDW, visiting Allermuir, Walter Knoll , Ultrafabrics, Boss Design, Arper , Modus and Interface. At Ultra Fabrics we created small models of an existing aluminium sculpture, attatching their own fabrics to a 3D printed mould.

Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Workplace are noticeably hot topics of 2018.  Tracey and Paloma, from our Bids and Marketing team, visited some events focusing on this subject.

Koleksiyon hosted an inspiring talk by 'Plant Designs'. Plant Designs install and maintain built-in, mobile and free standing living walls which can be incorporated in any workplace design to any sized office enviroment. Living walls can provide wellbeing benefits and create a contemporary and stylish aesthetic. For a cheaper alternative, moss walls can be just as rich and vibrant, without needing maintenance due to the moss being preserved.


Koleksiyon Showroom

The benefits of being connected to the living world was very much a focus, which is where ‘Biophilia’ comes in, meaning “Love of Life or Living Systems”.

By introducing fresh living elements into a workplace not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but can also improve indoor air quality by filtering common air toxins, as well as helping to absorb noise and regulate temperature. This can ultimately boost employee productivity by up to 12%.

In the afternoon we attended the ‘Flokk Wellbeing Seminar,’ which was held by a panel of five engaging professionals. Topics included the importance of movement and increased happiness and productivity if movement is incorporated in a workplace setting. Breaks away from technology is also key, allowing the brain to refresh and be more focused.


Biophilia in Workplace


  Biophilia in Workplace


  Flokk Wellbeing Seminar 


 Plant Designs


That evening we joined the Karndean and Milliken parties as a team, taking in the new products on offer and mixing with the crowd.



Back to Clerkenwell for a day of exploring. We started at Knauf with their acoustic solutions and flooring- a brand-new showroom with an engaging Designboard, including new products, different uses and applications.




Then it was onto Muuto. It was great to see the new products but also the ways they could be upholstered and incorporated into different schemes. Following Muuto, we hit Kvadrat Soft Cells, checking out their new acoustic solutions.




Naughtone was next, where we got to see some of the new pieces, including the stylish and comfortable Fiji chair. We love Naughtone and was interesting to see how their new products could be worked into different settings.


Naughtone Chair


Naughtone Chair

Naughtone: Fiji


The Allermuir showroom was a highlight, with new products including the Axyl chair, displayed as an exploded model demonstrating its construction.


Allermuir Showroom


Allermuir Showroom


Another CDW highlight was the Relay Represents showroom, displaying products from +Halle, Baux, Friends & Founders, Mitab, Orsjo and Zeitraum. Baux had some great acoustic solutions on display, showing the different ways designs could be applied. Zeitraum also had some innovative and refreshing pieces, our favourites being the Okito chair, Zenso lounge and Rail collection.


Relay Represents


To round the day off, we visited the Hutchinson and Partners Fragments show, displaying models of some of their key projects. We then popped into Orangebox and Desso, ending Clerkenwell with a great party.

Clerkenwell has been an inspiring few days, can’t wait to go back next year!


Allermuir Showroom

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