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Challenges and Solutions

Innovation is an over-used word, but we believe that our combination of ingenuity, imagination and practicality means we can rightly claim to have a truly innovative approach to office design. Here are some examples of projects where adequate solutions didn’t work and so we created our own solutions.

Writable Wall Space

Simple solutions to even complex problems, seamlessly integrated into the office structure. For instance, client Robert Walters needed large areas of writable walls but had little available wall space. Our innovation was a free-standing LS whiteboard system, which provided maximum writable space dependent on minimum wall space.

Video Conferencing Performance

Bespoke design solutions incorporate innovative custom-made solutions to solve a particular requirement, or to create a look which perfectly reflects the client’s culture and business approach. For instance, the board table we created for leading energy company Gazprom M&T. The ‘Scissor’ Design, changing the table from a conventional shape to a ‘V’ shape – improving the visibility of all meeting attendants.  

Flexible Meeting Spaces

An executive meeting space that turns into a party space. This was achieved via a combination of folding furniture, folding walls and glass Skywall, providing a truly multi-functional space with a unique solution.


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