Sustainability best practice

BCO 2011 Guide to Fit Out

Written by leading industry professionals, offers best practice in office fit outs. Relating specifically to sustainability, the Guide offers the following talking points:

  • Increasingly green lease clauses and / or a memorandum of understanding are being put in place to ensure the landlord and occupier fully commit to working together to optimise the operational performance of the building. Agreements typically include sharing data, waste management and minimising energy and water use.
  • Lighting alone consists of 50-60% of the building’s total related carbon emissions in offices.
  • Smart lighting solutions such as daylight and occupancy control can reduce around 10-20% of the building’s regulated carbon emissions.
  • Auxiliary energy (pumps and fans) is the second largest CO2 emission contributor in offices. DC motor FCUs can significantly reduce up to 30% of carbon emissions associated with auxiliary energy use.

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