Sutton Yard


6 weeks on site


Sutton Yard, Clerkenwell


5th Floor: 6,000 Sq ft 6th Floor: 4,4300 Sq ft

In line with the goal of creating a diverse landscape and feel throughout, the design utilises a variety of furni­ture and finishes. By carefully selecting and incorporating different materials, textures, and colours, the space offers distinct zones that evoke unique atmospheres, catering to the preferences and needs of both clients and staff.

Furthermore, the design emphasises the re-use of materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. By repurposing and incorporating recycled materials, the space not only contributes to a more eco-friendly environment but also adds character and uniqueness to the overall design.

Overall, the design creates an agile and flexible environment that embraces change, promotes sustainability, and enhances user experience through the use of different furniture and finishes, the re-use of materi­als, and the incorporation of three distinct entrances.