Until Marylebone


Wigmore Street, London


10,000 sq ft

Spanning 10,000 sq ft, IOR have developed a distinctive house style for Until by working very closely with their team of visionaries, who have always strived for a premium quality environment at competitive budgets without the usual hallmarks of a project. This means less waste, a reluctance to follow trends and an honesty to the design that is reflected in their values and service offer – helping health and fitness professionals to operate from world class facilities.

IOR reinforced and developed a design philosophy which epitomises all these things by creating a “stripped back, floating, minimalistic, cohesive, and calming design” through very selective finishes, details, and a rigorous and expertly designed floor plans. It is a considerable achievement to create spaces that feel generous, have natural flow, and yet accommodate a very ambitious space schedule matrix.

IOR learnt a lot from our first project with UNTIL at Bishopsgate and this feels like the next step up, but also proved to be a great learning process as it is the first time we have delved into dentistry design and CQC compliance.

The homogenous approach to the design results in an experience for members and visitors that feels consistent throughout. Reinforced by key details and finishes such as microcement to walls in reception and changing rooms, floor finishes which feature in reception also feature in the Clubhouse and paint to walls and exposed services and soffits are the same colour – simple but effective! The innovative use of lighting has also helped shape and promote warmth, modernity, and energy.