21 in 21 - Fundraiser for MIND

We are excited to announce our new charity initiative fundraising for Mind. The past 12 months have been filled with challenges and the impact on people’s mental health has been great. That is why we are aiming for:

21 in 21

IOR will be completing 21 fundraising initiatives in 2021. Some will be done by individuals, others will be whole company activities, and we can’t wait to get started.

Our flagship event will be a plucky group of colleagues running the Richmond Runfest Kew Gardens 10K race.

Event 1: 'Mind your language' - IOR has installed The Swear Jar in the office to catch anyone uttering colourful language. Any frustrated mutterings, barely audible by human ears, will be questioned and fines issued if found guilty. Will this be a successful fundraiser? Let’s see.

Event 2: 'Mind how you grow' - a giant sunflower growing competition for all our green fingered team members. A £5 donation to enter, with a prize for the tallest flower. Spending time with nature is also a great way to clear the mind after a hard day’s work and a fun event to get the family involved with too.

Watch this space and we will update you with our progress.