YouView project - Waste to Wonder

IOR was proud to team up again with long-term partner Waste to Wonder, this time for our client YouView's project at Lower Thames Street, London.

YouView donated over 20 tonnes of office furniture, as well as TVs, monitors, computers and microwaves, to the Mokwe Development Association in Cameroon - part of Waste to Wonder's 'School in a Box' initiative. YouView also donated 5 tonnes of IT equipment inline with the WEEE Directive through their IT partners.

In terms of reuse, the market value of that donated by YouView totalled almost £60,000.

The donated items will benefit a non-profit association in the Buea Region of Cameroon, which focuses on the education of environmental protection in the villages, as well as improving the livelyhoods of women and children.

YouView project - Waste to Wonder video: